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Massage Therapy


Introductory Massage - $40                                                       

Introduce yourself to Massage at The Metrospa. Consult with our Licensed Massage Therapist about your needs

and wants and try a customized 30 min massage recommended by our LMT or picked by you. Options include

therapeutic, deep tissue and hot stone spot treatment.

MetroExpress30 Massage (30mins) - $50  

Therapeutic Massage (60/90 mins) - $85/$110     

Monthly Therapeutic Massage Membership Available for $60                               

Deep Tissue Massage (60/90 mins) - $100/$130            

Double Massage Suite (60 mins) - $170

You and a special someone receive side by side 60 min therapeutic massages in our double massage suite.

Specialty Massages


Hot Stone Massage (30/60 mins) - $60/$120

Relax your body and eases chronic pain. The heated stones sooth the body while melting away the surface

tension to allow for deeper work. Hot Stone massage nourishes the muscles and flushes toxins and other by-products out.


Prenatal Body Pillow® Massage (60 mins) - $85

Finally a pregnancy pillow that can really help alleviate aches and pains associated with pregnancy. By letting you lie on

your front, the Belly Pillow® gives you a chance to truly relax and take some pressure off your lower back. It is the ultimate

pregnancy pillow! Belly Pillow® allows a pregnant woman to lie on her front, easing the pressure on her back and giving her

a chance to really enjoy her massage.


Additional Services - $12         

Hot Stone Spot Treatment                    

Additional Time (10 mins)                 



Body Treatments


The Signature Metrospa Body Glow - $90

Our Signature Lemon Verbena Mint body glow includes a full body sugar exfoliation  and MetroExpress massage with hydrating

warm body oil. This treatment refinishes, refresh and rejuvenates the skin on the entire body.


Steamy Wonder Therapy - $90

Steam therapy is the best method of naturally removing harmful toxins from the body. After receiving a custom salt scrub, you

will relax in an enclosed steam cocoon, allowing maximum body detox and mineral exchange, while receiving a  scalp

massage with cool compresses.


Customized Full Body Exfoliating Scrub - $65

Full body sugar exfoliate with your choice of our signature, seasonal or specialty scents, warm private shower for removal and

finishing with a body butter lotion application for maximum hydration.




Add on Services  -$40                                               

MetroExpress30 Massage  (30 mins)

The Metrospa - Premier Salon & Day Spa           487 Central Avenue Dover, NH        603.743.3233

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