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Thank You



The Metrospa would like to thank all of our wonderful team, fantastic guests and the community of Dover for welcoming our business the last 24 years. We would also like to thank all of the past team members that took part in this journey with us.

We made the difficult decision not to renew our lease and permanently close The Metrospa. Our last day of service will be February 23rd and will be taking the final week of this month to clear out our space to make way for another businesses success.

Our current team members will be relocating to continue providing guest with exceptional services in their new salons.

  • Amber will be at Tulu Salon and Spa in Biddeford, ME. ph: 207-710-0636.

  • AJ will be located at 603 Barbershop Gentlemen’s Shave Parlor in Dover NH.      ph: 603-842-5145

  • Meiliege is relocating in Newington, NH and in the process of finishing a new salon space in Newington Village.

Message from Meiliege Black, Owner of The Metrospa:


  It has been a tremendous pleasure to have met so many wonderful people throughout the years. The friendships built, the trust that you gave and the love that was shared has been a great blessing to be cherished forever. Thank you with all of my heart.

  I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with so many talented individuals throughout the years. My vision was always to provide a safe environment to grow, learn and gain the confidence to achieve their dreams for themselves in the future. They have and I’m proud of them.

  Every day is such a gift and ultimately, giving more time with the ones we love is so important. Time is an influence and what we experience can change the direction of our lives for the better. Covid was unexpected and was a situation that changed everything for all of us. It personally made me appreciate how important it is to spend time with family, friends and taking care of our own physical and mental health. I love what I do and will continue to do so, just on a smaller scale, in order to provide my family a more balanced life.

  I will miss Dover as I’ve been welcomed with open arms by the community from day 1. Thank you all for your support as you’ve always participated in sponsorships, fundraisers and educational events thought the years. Local businesses in Dover are the heart of this City and grateful you shared it with us.

  This place in time has ended but it opens the door for renewal. Thank you and we will see one another again soon!

Love Always,

Meiliege Black

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